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The softer edges make this the perfect gravel for exposed surfaces, including play areas or kennels. It's gentle on bare feet and is less likely to cause scraped knees.

This is also a great option for plumbers and other trades for levelling, for paving stones, or as a free-draining rock. 

Sizing ranges from 3/16"-3/8".


2 yard minimum per product.


We are happy to arrange delivery for all of our products. 

Standard trucking rates apply - $150/truck on Vancouver Island (rural areas subject to additional charges).

One product per truck. Each truckload can hold up to 12 yards. Multiple deliveries will be subject to additional delivery fee.


Please check your email to schedule a booking time once your order is placed. 


Not sure how much you need? 
Refer to our How to Order page for questions, or give us a call at (250) 619-8133.

Pea Gravel

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